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movie casino  
I'm trying to identify a Las Vegas casino used in a movie. I found a photo of it, but the image has the fictional name of the casino used in the movie instead of its real name. It looks like a two story red brick building with "CASINO" in large neon letters with two large square windows  and surrounded by a chain link fence. I've perused a few images of abandoned casinos on the Internet, but I can't identify it. I'm hoping you might identify it. The movie was made in 2007, but the building itself might be demolished by now.


I'm pretty sure this is the old Klondike Hotel & Casino on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.
The casino struggled to stay open amid the bright lights of strip competition and closed in 2006. Then it was torn down in 2008.

Here are a couple old articles I found that include pictures.



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