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Hello Sir

I am 29 years old and am wearing glassed for the17 years or so.The current power of my eyes are as

R eye  -4.5(spherical) -1.75(cylindrical)
L eye  -5.5(spherical) -1.00(cylindrical)

Now the real issue is that i have got selected in HR(non-technical discipline)in SAIL which is a govt organization but as per their medical standards they permit a maximum -6D for both eyes.

I consulted two well known laser eye centers in Chandigarh and they both suggested lasik+ c3r as i have keratoconus to remove my glasses.

But one of them said the recovery time is 2 days and other said it is of 20 days with almost very less complications in my case and the cost is around 1.2 lakh for whole procedure.So kindly suggest me on the real recover period and the complications but i have to undergo this operation as my career is lniked to this surgery.

Kindly advise.I would be vry grateful to you.


Dear Puneet,

It is not going to be possible for me to comment on what the two centres in Chandigarh are advising you.
However, if you have a defintive diagnosis of keratoconus, C3R or crosslinking of the cornea must be done.

The LASIK that you mention, is not LASIK, as this is dis allowed in keratoconus as it can make the "cone" worse and lead to serious complications.
However, we do what is caled "topolink C3R" where there is a possibility in some with early keratoconus or those with certain k values of the cornea, who canconsider "smoothening" out the surface, such to reduce the powers dramatically or in few even treat them completely, and then after this Topolink laser treatment, in the same sitting, undergo C3R.

This is recommended, and even done successfully on many of our cases.

You must also read about "accelerated C3R" which we have been doing, as it has the advantage of quicker procedure with quicker recovery.

Do read more about it on
Dr Anand Shroff

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