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Hello,  I have Shingles right now and have had them since approximately 1/6/13.  I had them in January on the left side of my head on my scalp but did not know at the time the pain was caused by Shingles.  I saw & spoke to my doctor in length & detail explaining the pain on my scalp and in my swollen & very black red left eye but he ignored me and did not even walk over to me to look at my scalp.  After calling him on the phone 2 days later to say the pain in my left eye was worse & the eye swollen & even more black red, he prescribed Tobramycin over the phone for pink eye.  Hence, the Shingles went undiagnosed on my head for about 1 1/2 months.  I then had pain on the left side of my face on or about 2/1/13 in my left eye ball, middle areas of left eyelid, left eyebrow, left temple and middle of my forehead.  The pain started and then the Shingles broke out about Friday, 2/8/13 so I went in to the hospital emergency room on 2/9/13 where I was diagnosed with Shingles in my left eye and left side of my face.  At the hospital ER, I was immediately connected to an IV & given anti-viral medication & Benydril from it.  I was placed on oral Varicyclovir, Vicodin, Prednisone, Ondansetron Tablets which are anti-nausea meds.  I was referred to a Neurologist who placed me on Gabapetin which is used to relieve nerve pain following Shingles.  He was the first doctor to look at my left scalp and confirmed dried up & fresh Shingles.  So he confirmed I had Shingles since the first appt. w/my primary doctor who did not look at my scalp.  Had he looked at it, he probably would've given me all of these meds sooner.  I then went in to see my opthamologist who prescribed Zirgan 0.15% (Ganciclovir Ophthalmic)which is an anti-viral for eyes, & Erthromycin Ophtalmic which is an anti-bacteroal for the eye to stop & prevent infection.  My symptons in my left eye are excruciating pain, swelling, black red color of the white of my eye, as well as damage to the cornea confirmed by the opthamologist.  And now since yesterday 2/18/13, after using the Zirgan since 2/14/13, it looks like my left eyeball seems to be crooked looking to the left while the right eye looks straight ahead and the eyelid is sagging making the left eye smaller looking.  I have follow-up doctors appointments scheduled.  I would like to know if my eye does not correct itself after finishing with the drugs,is there anything that can be done to correct the damages?  Sagging & crookedness.  Surgery or prescription meds or both? Has this correction ever been achieved on other Shingles sufferers?  Is blindness a big side effect since I did not start the eye meds until 2/14/13 when I had Shingles on my head since 1/6/13?

Dr Mannu C Rajnani
Dr Mannu C Rajnani  

tHANK YOU for the follow up

Basically what you have is viral keratitis and viral neuritis which is affecting side of your scalp face and eye too, of course you haven't mentioned what is your visual acuity now, also what treatment has been given to you is absolutely correct, unfortunately you have got involvement of nerve causing squinting of your left eye, and sagging of eye lid, once your viral inflammation reduces there are chances your eye crookedness and also sagging may improve for which you need to wait at least 4-6 months initially and then also if it doesn't improve wait for another 6 months, then and then only you will need to do surgery to improve your crookedness and sagging meanwhile just continue with your oral medications and also keep going for regular follow up with your eye specialist

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