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hi rajnani, i have done laser surgery in AG eye hospital at Trichy TamilNadu India in the year 2007. But when riding bike at night i can see anything when i see the bright light from the vehicle coming opposite. i am a in a profession of using computers for more than 13 hours. is that a problem in eyes ? The doctor who did this operation told me that i may have 0.5 power, is there a possibility to improve eyesight.

Dr Mannu C Rajnani
Dr Mannu C Rajnani  
Dear Prashanth

THANK YOU for the follow up

Most likely since you are sitting on Computers for longer periods it is called "Computer Syndrome" which is caused by dryness please use Refresh Tears eye drops initially one drop twice a day once in morning after bath and once in evening at 4 P.M. after 15 days use the same eye drops only once in evening at 4.00 p.m. this will solve your problem also please take some Bcomplex Vitamin Tablets for approximately once daily for 3 months

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Dr Mannu C Rajnani
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