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QUESTION: Dear Doctor,
Please let me know whether I should choose traditional C3R or  accelerated C3R for my son who has been diagnosed Keratoconus (left eye -3.5 Cyl).
I am told that Accelerated C3R may not give good results as epithelium is not removed. However, traditional procedure is sure to give desired results.
Please advise urgently.
Piyush Goyal

ANSWER: Dear Piyush,
Both traditional and accelerated will give desired results if done with expertise.
The traditional only takes twice as long and one cannot undergo both eyes on the same day, as one would be able to for accelerated.
This plus the fact that accelerated equipment is more recent, makes people lean more towards accelerated C3R,.
Again emphasis being on expertise of the doctor.
Hope this helps,
Dr Anand Shroff

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QUESTION: Dear Doctor,
I have read somewhere that since epithelium is not removed in accelerated C3R, and rays exposed to cornea through epithelium may harm cornea (may be in rare cases) or may not penetrate the layer to be less effective. on the other hand, Traditional C3R is quite painful. What would you suggest we should opt for?
Please advise urgently.

Piyush Goyal

Dear Piyush,
We have done many cases of C3R both where epithelium is removed and cases where it is left intact.

Our personal experience is better healing when it is epi-off or removed.

However, this depends from doctor to doctor and what their preference is according to skill and experience.

If doing it with a specific doctor, best to discuss this with him.

Dr Shroff

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