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My power is -4.5, -1 cyl in both eyes. Since 2011 I have seen floaters in both eyes, more prominent in right eye. And since then it seem to have increase year after year. I did a fundus examination and ultrasound in june this year. The Dr told me everything is fine and the ultrasound report also came out normal, except my right eye retina is thinning. Last week only apart from floaters, I also started seeing flashes in both eyes but only at night time in a dark room. Should I be concern and go for check up again? And what are the side effects of barrage laser?.    Thank you.

Dear Arban,

The retinal thinning needs to be seen by a retinal specialist who will advise if an Argon laser procedure would be needed. This depends on case to case. If needed, it is always in your interest as it is a safe procedure with no permanent side effects.

Regarding the floatersm, this phenomenon is a separate entity due to vitreous separation. This is usually not pathological and settles down over weeks to months. It is more of a nuisance value to most.

However, yes, a retinal check up is required to rule out if there is any retinal issue.

hence from the email you have sent, it seems that you do need an opinion from a good retinal specialist.

Even if you did the retinal fundus check in June, it is important to do it when you have the symptoms.

Speak to your treating eye specialist first and take it from there.

Dr Shroff

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