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I have -5.5 in left eye and -6.0 in right eye.This measure is stable along 4 years with the small changes about .50 in right eye.I hate wearing glasses.So i moved to contact lens i am wearing lens from 2011.Can i go for LASIK treatment?Is it advisable for my vision?I am 24 years old. My doctor that LASIK has many disadvantages and it will increases my power after LASIK.Is it true?What is the way to correct my vision.Please Give me the good suggestion.

Dr Mannu C Rajnani
Dr Mannu C Rajnani  

OFcourse you can go ahead with your LASIK procedure and since you have quite moderate eye numbers it will be better that you get operated with better technology also ofcourse i need to know your other eye parameters to know which procedure will be best suited for your eyes.
LASIK done with proper technology suited to your eyes has all advantages and defintely complete power goes off and there is NO question of increase in power, so LASIK is good option for you

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