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angie wrote at 2013-04-06 04:16:44
I have the exact same problems as Steve. I had eye surgery 8 months ago and am experiencing dizziness and nausea quite frequently. I work at a laptop and extra monitor all day and feel horrible when looking back and forth between my monitor and the laptop screen. I was prescribed medicine that helps a little but have found that it hasn't resolved the issue. I would love to know if these symptoms are related to the eye surgery.

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Dr. Burjor P. Banaji


I perform Cataract and corneal surgery, but my field of superspecialisation is LASIK. I would welcome any and all questions pertaining to LASIK .


I am a third generation Ophthalmologist practising in Bombay India. I was the first surgeon to perform LASIK in my country and have done several thousand LASIKs to date. Our clinic is a LASIK referral hub for not only India but surrounding South Asian and some European countries.I have taught LASIK to surgeons around the world including the United States, UK, Australia, Singapore and the Pacific rim countries. Several surgical instruments for LASIk have been designed by me and are in use by surgeons internationally.

I am at present Medical Director of the Banaji Eye Clinic and the Laser Eyecare Group ( India). The Banaji Eye clinic was founded by my grandfather in 1908 and continues to provide the highest quality eyecare.

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Master of Surgery ( University of Bombay)
Member of the Royal College Of Ophthalmologists of The United Kingdom.
Diploma in Ophthalmology ( Royal College Of Surgeons England)
Diploma in Ophthalmology ( Royal College Of Surgeons Glasgow)
Diploma in Ophthalmology ( Royal College Of Surgeons in Dublin)
Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery ( College of Physicians and Surgeons Bombay)

Awards and Honors
Invited Guest Lecturer - Cornea Conference- LASIK - Massachustees Eye & Ear Infirmary. Harvard University.
Invited Guest lecturer . Moorfields Eye Hospital London. LASIK.
The Retina Foundation Oration. India.
The Chitnis Oration. India
Invited Guest Lecturer LASIK . The Eye Foundation Hospital Birmingham Alabama.
Invited Lecturer LASIK . The Midlands Ophthalmic Society. United Kingdom.

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