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Maria wrote at 2012-10-25 10:38:10
I'd like to make it clear that, if you want to say “I'm not afraid, I was born to do this” with a comma, here’s its translation:“Nihil timeo, ad id faciendum natus sum" (related to a male person) or " Nihil timeo, ad id faciendum nata sum (related to a female person)”.

The comma, in fact, modifies the sense of the sentence.

In short, “I'm not afraid  I was born to do this” without  the comma stands for “I'm not afraid that I was born to do this”, i.e. in Latin:“Non timeo ne ad id faciendum natus sim” (relatus to a male person) and “Non timeo ne ad id faciendum nata sim” (relatus  to a female person), as I myself have suggested.




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