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Hi, i'd like to say what an honor it is to communicate with an expert such as yourself. But I would like to know the latin translation of the phrase, "Vote for", is? The infinitive of vote is censere, correct? Thanks again.


thanks for your kind words.

So,the correct Latin verb for “I vote for ” is “suffrāgor” which is a deponent verb, i.e. a verb that has passive forms but active meanings.

The deponent verb “suffrāgor” takes the dative case of the person you want to vote for.

Therefore “I vote for someone” would be “Alicui suffrāgor” where ALICUI (dative case) means "for someone", while SUFFRAGOR means "I vote".

In short, the imperative  “Vote for” translates as follows:

-“Suffragāre” + the dative case, if this imperative in the 2nd.person singular  is addressed to only one person.

-“Suffragāmini” + the dative case, if this imperative  in the 2nd.person plural is addressed to many persons.

See for example  “Tibi suffragatur “ meaning “He votes (SUFFRAGATUR)  for you (TIBI) ”, as  we read in   M. Tullius Cicero, Oration  against  Q. Caecilius, 23.

Note that, while in English the imperative “Vote for” is either a 2nd.person singular or a 2nd.person plural, Latin has different endings for the 2nd.person  singular and the  2nd.person plural.

As for the verb “censēre”, it does not mean “to vote for”, but   “to rate/to estimate”( in reference to the census)  or  “to be of opinion/to believe”(in reference to  opinions and views on general questions).

Hope this can be helpful to you.
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