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Hi Maria, Firstly i hope you had a good vacation. I am looking for a translation for some religious studies i am doing and i have found 4 diffrent versions and i am hoping you can help me find an accurate answer.

I need there following phrase translating into latin;

"He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us"

Hope you can help.

Many Thanks


“Ambulat inter nos, sed unus non est nostrum” or “Inter nos ambulat, sed unus non est nostrum” with a different word order that in Latin can be variable, since Latin is an inflected language where synctatical relationships are indicated by the ending, not by the order of the words.

Please read more below.

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Note that:

-He walks = AMBULAT (3rd.person singular, present indicative of AMBULO, I walk)

-amongst = INTER (preposition which takes the accusative case)

-us =NOS (accusative of the 1st.person plural pronoun)

-but =SED

-he is = EST (3rd.person singular, present indicative of  SUM, I am)

-not =NON

-one =UNUS (nominative masculine)

-of us =NOSTRUM (genitive partitive of  the 1st.person plural pronoun)

As you can see , Latin does not need the subject pronoun  which is often omitted,since the verb form indicates the subject.
For example the subject pronoun  “he” is omitted because each Latin verb form changes ending according to the different pronouns .
When subject pronouns are used, it is for purposes of emphasis.

P.S. I had a very good vacation in Venezia where I enjoyed some famous paintings such as "La tempesta" by Giorgione and "La fuga in Egitto" by Tiziano at the Gallerie dell'Accademia,the views of Venice by Francesco Guardi at Museo Correr, and Guggenheim Collection at Ca' Venier dei Leoni facing the Canal Grande.


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