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Hi Maria. I am very impressed by your knowledge and what you are doing for all those who are seeking your expertise in this site.

I would like to have this phrase translated to Latin for an anniversary gift. I tried to have it translated via google but I don't think that is reliable:

"I have all the love I need"

Thank you very much.


“I have all the love I need" can be translated as follows:

-”Totum habeo amorem qui mihi est necesse”
-“Totum habeo amorem quo mihi est opus”

Both the translations are correct and then you can choose the one you like better.

Please read more below.

Best regards and thanks for your kind words,
Note that:

-I have =HABEO

-all = TOTUM (accusative masculine singular agreed with AMOREM)

-the love =AMOREM (direct object, accusative singular of AMOR, 3rd.declension)

-I need = QUI MIHI EST NECESSE or QUO MIHI EST OPUS, both literally meaning “that is  necessary  for  me”, since “that” corresponds to QUI (nominative, relative pronoun) or QUO (ablative of the relative pronoun); “is necessary” corresponds to NECESSE EST or OPUS EST; “for me” corresponds to MIHI (dative of the 1st.person pronoun).
In fact, NECESSE EST takes the nominative (QUI) of the thing needed as subject, whereas OPUS EST takes the ablative (QUO)of the thing needed.

As you can see, Latin word order can be variable as Latin is an inflected language where synctatical relationships are indicated by the ending, not by the order of the words.


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