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Dear Maria,

the work you put into this website is fantastic and you do the askers honour with your courteous responses. Thank you, it is a pleasure to read through your previous answers.

I am seeking a translation for "Through Equilibrium, Strength" that would convey the meaning of "though equilibrium*, [I find/develop] [inner] strength."

*that is, meaning composure/mental balance, not as in a scientific context.

Could this be, "Per aequilibrium fortitudo"? Or is there a better way to express it?

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first of all I want to thank you very much for your kind words I have really appreciated.

As for "Through Equilibrium, Strength", your translation “Per aequilibrium fortitudo" is grammatically correct, but lexically improper as the neuter noun AEQUILIBRIUM means “equilibrium” in the sense of  “a level or horizontal position“/“a perfect equality“, just as a balance in a scientific context, not  as a “composure” /”mental balance”, that in Latin correspond to CONSTANTIA, as we read passim in Cicero, Tusculanae Disputationes, where the term CONSTANTIA as  “composure” /”mental balance” is used just like a translation of the ancient Greek term εὐπάθεια (transliterated as eupátheia) of the Stoic philosophy.

Therefore the best translation for "Through Equilibrium, Strength" would be  the following:
-”Per constantiam fortitudo” as well as “Ex constantiā fortitudo”.

Hope this can be helpful to you.
Please read more below.
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-Through =PER (preposition which takes the accusative case) or EX (preposition which takes the ablative)

-Equilibrium = CONSTANTIAM (accusative, 1st.declension ) or CONSTANTIA (ablative.1st.declension)

-Strength [as inner strength] =FORTITUDO (nominative, 3rd.declension)


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