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I have always wanted a family crest but do not have one from history, so my brother and I decided to design our own. As it happens, we always seem to wind up in bizarre and unique situations. So we want to express this in latin phrase for our English ancestry. We want to convey something like "life is always an adventure". Could you please help us with an appropriate Latin phrase and translation?
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“Life is always an adventure” can be translated as  follows:

-”Vita  est semper eventus", if “an adventure”  (Latin, “eventus”) means “ a  lucky or unlucky issue /consequence/ result of an action.

-“Alea est semper vita”, if “an adventure” (Latin, “alea”) means “a chance/ hazard/venture/risk”.

Personally I'd prefer to use the second option, i.e. “Alea est semper vita” rather than the first one, as the Latin noun "alea" expresses exactly the sense of a life lived as an adventure.

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-Life = VITA (subject, nominative case, 1st.declension)
-is =EST (3rd.person singular, present indicative of SUM, I am)
-always =SEMPER (adverb)
-an adventure =EVENTUS (nominal part , nominative case, 4th.declension) or ALEA (nominal part , nominative case, 1st.declension).
Note that ALEA literally means "literally means "a game with dice“ and then “a chance/ hazard/venture/risk”.
As you can see, Latin word order  can be different from English, since  Latin is an inflected language where syntactical relationships are indicated by the ending, not by the order of the words.


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