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"Could you please help me with the following,
How do you say "live for love" and "live in truth" in Latin?

Thank you very much."

Dear Maria,

I would like to have the sentence on a single motto ,

million thanks!


thanks for explaining your purpose.
So, here are the translations of "Live for love" and "Live in truth” respectively:

-“Vive ad amandum” or “Ad amandum vive” with a different word order that in Latin can be variable.

-“In veritate vive” or “Vive in veritate” with a different word order that in Latin can be variable

All the translations are correct and then you can choose the one you prefer.

Read more below.

Best regards,

Note that:

-Live =VIVE (2nd.person singular, present imperative of VIVO, I live)
-for =AD (preposition which takes the accusative case)
-love =AMANDUM (gerund accusative of AMO, I love)

-Live = VIVE (2nd.person singular, present imperative of VIVO, I live)
-in  = IN (preposition which takes the ablative case)
-truth =VERITATE (ablative singular of VERITAS, 3rd.declension)

As for Latin word order, it can be  different from English simply because Latin is an inflected language where syntactical relationships are indicated by the inflexional endings, not by the order of the words, so that word order often depends on the writer's choice.


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