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Hello Maria, I saw this phrase and it means something to me so I was curious as to what it would look like in Latin. But all online translations tell me different things. Could you tell me what 'Warriors Suffer Their Pain Silently' translates to in Latin please? Thank you


here’s a correct translation of "Warriors Suffer Their Pain Silently":

“Suas tacite poenas viri ferunt fortes” as well as  "Suas poenas tacite viri ferunt fortes" with a different word order that in Latin can be variable.

Read more below.

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Note that:

-Warriors = VIRI...FORTES (literally, “” as VIRI, nominative plural of VIR, 2nd.declension, means “men” and the nominative plural FORTES means “strong” )

-Suffer = FERUNT (3rd.person plural, present indicative of FERO, I suffer)

-Their =SUAS (accusative feminine plural of the possessive SUUS agreed with POENAS)

-Pain = POENAS (direct object, accusative plural of the feminine noun POENA 1st.declension). Latin uses the plural instead of the singular.

-Silently =TACITE (adverb)

As you can see, Latin word order  can be different from English simply because Latin is an inflected language where syntactical relationships are indicated by the inflexional endings, not by the order of the words.


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