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I would like to know how to write a date in latin. The specific date is: August 30, 2011


in classical Latin  the date August 30, 2011 would be as follows:

-A.D. III Kalendas Septembres MMXI p.Chr.n.

This is a shortened form for: “Ante Diem tertium Kalendas Septembres anno bis millesimo undecimo post Christum natum", meaning "On the 3rd day before the Kalends of September in the year second thousandth eleventh after the birth of Christ”.

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Please note that dates, according to the Roman Calendar, are reckoned as follows:

1- The first day of the month was called Kalendae(Kalends).

2- The seventh day of March, May, July, and October, but the fifth of the other months, was called the Nonae (Nones).

3-The fifteenth day of March, May, July, and October, but the thirteenth of the other months, was called the Idus (Ides).

4-From the three points thus determined, the days of the month were reckoned backwards as so many days before the Nones, the Ides, or the Calends.
So, for August 30 you must count 3 days (30-31-1) before the Calends which was just the first day of the month of September.

5-The name of the month appears as an adjective in agreement with Kalendae , Nonae, Idus.


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