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Hello. In my research I found that you answered a similar question a couple years back, but as it seems masculinity and femininity play such an integral role, I wanted to ask specifically for my situation.

My grandparents recently passed and left us a summer home. We wanted to commemorate them in the house, and one of the things we are doing is a memorial of sorts in the garden. I want to engrave "So that I love and cherish forever" on the garden's center piece. This statement is meant to be a bit general and symbolize not only my grandparents but the family as a whole. Kind of a reminder about what is really important in life.

As I read the a previous answer to a similar question, I also wanted to point out that the "So that" portion of the statement is meant to indicate purpose rather than a subject.

Thanks in advance for your help. Really want to get this right before I start with the stonework.


if  you want to commemorate your grandparents as well as the family as a whole by using the phrase "So that I love and cherish forever", where the "So that" portion of the statement is meant to indicate purpose rather than a subject, here are two correct  translations:

1)“Ad  amandum ac semper recordandum”

2)“Ut amem ac semper recorder”

Please note that “Ad  amandum ac semper recordandum” is a bit general as it expresses the purpose of commemorating without saying who and what you want to commemorate as well as the subject of the phrase, while “Ut amem ac semper recorder” contains the subject of the sentence just as in the English “I love...”.

In short, both the sentences are correct  and then you can choose the one you like better, according to your purpose.

Anyway see below for grammatical analysis.

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Note that the Purpose of an action is expressed in Latin in various ways so that the Final Clause can have the Gerund with AD or UT + the subjunctive.

-So that =AD followed by the gerund  /  UT + the subjunctive

-I love = AMANDUM (gerund of AMO, I love)  or AMEM (1st.person singular, present subjunctive of AMO)

-and = AC

-cherish = RECORDANDUM (gerund of RECORDOR, I cherish)  or RECORDER (1st.person singular. present subjunctive  of RECORDOR)

-forever =SEMPER

As you can see, Lartin word order can be different from English.


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