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Hello Maria,

Can you please explain what the proper written form is in Latin for these 2 words for a female, or when describing a female:

sentient = sentire = to feel, feels

sapient = sapere = to know, wise

Thank You


first of all I have to tell you that the Latin verbs remain the same either in the feminine or in the masculine, unless the verb is a composed form, like for example the deponent form “profecta est” (= “she left”) or the passive form “amata est” (= she was loved”) where the ending –a  is the mark of the feminine singular.

“Sentient” and “sapient” however are not composed forms and then they can refer to a male or female person, depending on the context.

Finally both “sentient” and “sapient” are the future,3rd.person plural, of the verbs SENTIO (infinitive SENTIRE) and SAPIO (infinitive SAPERE) respectively, thus meaning “they will feel” and “they will know”/”they will be wise”,related indifferently to a female or male person, since it is the context where "sentient" and "sapient" are placed that indicates whether they refer to a male or female person.

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