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QUESTION: Hello, I am back for a couple more phrases. Thank you so very much for your previous help. I spent the morning reading through many of your answers and so found some of the phrases on my own. However there are a couple I was unable to locate.

My life for yours, always.

my love (if one person is addressing another person)

Even in death, I live (In death,I live was already answered by you for someone else, however I need the added word 'even' in there if at all possible.

Again, my many thanks to you for the time and effort you give to answering so many requests and questions.

ANSWER: Hello,

“My love” (if one person is addressing another person) can be translated as follows:

-“Amores et deliciae meae” or  simply “Meae deliciae”, as we read in Cicero, De Divinatione (On Divination), book 1,chapter 79.

-”Ocelle mi!”  as a term of endearment literally meaning:”My little eye! My darling!“, “My love”, as we read in Plautus, Trinummus(The Three Pieces of Money), Act 2, Scene 1, line 25)

“Even in death, I live”  translates as “Etiam in morte, vivo”

As for “My life for yours, always”, you should have  specified if the possessive pronoun “yours” refers to only one person(singular) or to many persons (plural).
Latin in fact uses different endings for the singular and the plural, while in English the pronoun “yours” remains the same.

Best regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello and thank you.

In "My life for yours, always" yours is singular. Sorry about not including that.

Also, for 'my love' I see there are three ways to possibly write it, which is the closest or most correct?

Thank you so very much for time.

Hello again,

all the translations for “My love” are correct, of course, and correspond perfectly to the English expression.

Therefore, you can choose the one you like best.

As for “My life for yours, always" in the singular, here’s its translation:”Vita mea pro tua, semper”.

Best regards,


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