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Dear Maria,
I'm not sure if there is a literal translation, but I'm trying to find the Latin for 'Land of Play', would it be terra ludi or terra ludis or something different? It's for the title of a sculpture that children can play on.

Many thanks in advance.

Dear Simon,

"Land of Play"  can be translated as follows:

-“Terra ludi “ or “Ludi terra”(with a different word order)

-“Terra ludorum” or “Ludorum terra” (with a different word order)

As for “terra ludis”, it is wrong for  “ludis” is a dative/ablative plural, but “of play” corresponds to a genitive case in the singular (LUDI) or in the plural (LUDORUM).

Read more below.

Best regards,
Note that:

-Land =TERRA (nominative singular, 1st.declension)

-of play = LUDI (genitive singular of LUDUS, 2nd.declension)  or LUDORUM (genitive plural of LUDUS, 2nd.declension)

Latin word order can be different from English simply because Latin is an inflected language where grammatical/syntactical relationships are indicated by the endings, not by the order of the words.


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