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Latin/phrases for a birthday present


Hello Maria,
my name is Jessica and i am italian.
The next month will be my mum's birthday and i would like to give her a special present: a picture of us with a sentence in latin below.
I would be extremely grateful, If you would be so kind to help me out to translate some phrases in Latin.
the phrases are:
- you are my strength
- you make me stronger

Thank you very much


here are the translations you asked me:

-“Mea es fortitudo” (You are my strength)

-“Me fortiorem facis” (You make me stronger).

Both Latin phrases are suitable for a special present on the occasion of your mum's birthday.

Read more below.

Best wishes to your mother and you,

-You are = ES (2nd.person singular, present indicative of SUM, I am)

-my = MEA (nominative feminine singular of the possessive MEUS agreed with the feminine noun FORTITUDO)

-strength =FORTITUDO (nominative case, feminine noun, 3rd.declension).
The Latin FORTITUDO is just used in the sense of strength of mind  that allows one to endure everything with courage.


-You make = FACIS (2nd.person singular, present indicative of FACIO, I make)

-me = ME (direct object, accusative of the 1st. person pronoun)

-stronger = FORTIOREM (comparative of the adjective FORTIS in the accusative singular  agreed with ME)

As you can see, Latin word order can be different from English or Italian  for Latin is an inflected language where grammatical/syntactical relationships are indicated by the endings, not by the order of the words.

P.S. Se avrai altre domande da farmi, potrai scrivermi anche in Italiano, naturalmente.


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