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Hi there! I'm looking to use a Latin word for a book title, and while I think I may have found a good one that would be ideal, I'm well aware that online translations can't exactly be trusted. The word I discovered is "advenus." According to the online translators, it can mean "migrant, alien, foreign, recently arrived, unskilled, inexperienced, ignorant." That would all be ideal - if that's what it really means. I'm just looking to make sure it would be acceptable to use that word as a book title and that its meaning is correct. I love language, so by all means go to town on any explanation (i.e. gender use) the word may require. I look forward to your response!


actually the correct Latin noun is “advena”, not “advenus” that does not exist at all.
So, the nominative singular “advena” (1st declension’s noun) means specifically: "one who comes from foreign parts, migrant, stranger, alien, foreigner, recently arrived”, while in metaphorical sense “advena”  means “unskilled, inexperienced, ignorant”.

In short, if you want to use such a Latin noun for a book title, you can say “Advena” in the nominative sigular meaning “The stranger/The foreigner/The migrant”,  or  “Advenae” in the nominative plural meaning “The strangers/The foreigners/The migrants”.

The usage of the nominative singular or plural depends on the story of your book:  if the main character is a foreigner, it’s correct to say:”Advena”; if on the contrary the story has many foreigners as protagonists, it’s correct to say:”Advenae”.

Hope this is clear enough.Feel free however to ask me again.

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PRONUNCIATION of "advĕna" and "advĕnae", where the ĕ is a short vowel:

-ad is pronounced like “ad” in “add”.The accent stands on the A.

-ven is pronounced like “ven” in “vend”.

-a  is pronounced like “a” in “add”.
-ae (diphthong) is pronounced like “e” in “offer”  


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