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Good evening! I'm making a birthday gift for my mother and would like to include " in this I find salvation " in the drawing. She is a deeply religious lady and I want everything to be correct as far as translation. Any help is deeply apprecited.


If the sentence "In this I find salvation” stands for “In God I find salvation”, the correct translation in classical Latin would be “In Deo salus”  meaning ”In God is my salvation” as well as “In God I find salvation”.

But, if “In this” does not correspond to “In God”, you should explain the meaning of “this” because Latin needs to know whether “this” refers to a thing or to a person, since there is a different way of translating “this” in Latin, according as “this” refers to a person or not.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, all the best to you and your mother,

Note that:

-In = IN (preposition which takes the ablative)

-God  =DEO (ablative of DEUS)

-is = this verb is understood in Latin .

-salvation =SALUS (nominative, 3rd declension).


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