in response to your email, I am seeking the translation for my own knowledge.  "Strength through adversity"

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"Strength through adversity" can be translated as follows:

1-“Per adversas res  fortitudo” or “Per adversa fortitudo” as well as “Per adversam fortunam fortitudo” and “Per ardua fortitudo”, if you want to point out that it is just through adversity/misfortune that we can become strong.
All these translations are correct, of course; so, you can choose the one you like best.

2-“Ex rebus adversis fortitudo”,if you want to emphasize that we draw our strength from the pain and misfortune.

Note that:

-Strength = FORTITUDO (nominative case, 3rd.declension). FORTITUDO means “strength” as “fortitude”  just in the sense of “strength of mind“  that allows one to endure pain/adversity  with courage so that he shows his firmness in enduring or undertaking hard times.

-through = PER (preposition which takes the  accusative ) or EX  (preposition which takes the ablative)

-adversity = ADVERSAS RES (feminine plural accusative of  the nominative case ADVERSAE RES ) or  ADVERSA /ARDUA (neuter plural accusative of the nominative ADVERSUS /ARDUUS ) , ADVERSAM FORTUNAM (feminine singular accusative of the nominative ADVERSA FORTUNA) and finally ADVERSIS REBUS (ablative feminine plural of ADVERSAE RES). Note that  ADVERSAE RES,  ADVERSA  and ARDUA  literally mean:” unfavorable/ difficult things”, while ADVERSA FORTUNA means “ill fortune”.

Hope this can be helpful to your own knowledge.

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P.S. I’d like to tell you that I’ve asked you to explain the purpose of your question because people  often ask me the translation of a sentence that they want to use for a tattoo, though I’ve written in my “Instructions to  questioner” :NO TATTOOS QUESTIONS PLEASE.I do know that you can cheat me by  asking me a phrase, without telling me it is  for a tattoo, but I choose to  trust your HONESTY!”.


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