Could you help me understand following sentence with grammatical explanation?

Mater in Aeneae constitit urbe sui. (Ars amatoria 1, 60)

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the line “Mater in Aeneae constitit urbe sui “(Ovid,Ars amatoria,book 1,line  60) literally means:”The mother settled in the city of her [son] Aeneas “ as well as “The mother has come to stay in the city of her [son] Aeneas” where the square brackets denote that in Latin the equivalent of the English noun “son” has been omitted.
[See:“The mother(=MATER) settled /has come to stay(=CONSTITIT ) in (=IN)  the city (=URBE) of her (=SUI) Aeneas (=AENEAE)”].

As for the grammatical explanation of this Ovid’s line, here it is:

-MATER (subject in the nominative case, 3rd.declension) = the mother

-IN (preposition which takes the ablative) = in

-AENEAE (genitive case of the noun AENEAS, 2nd.declension) =of Aeneas (the son of Venus and Anchises, the hero of Virgil's epic poem, and ancestor of the Romans)

-CONSTITIT ( 3rd.person singular, perfect indicative of CONSISTO) = settled/ has come to stay

-URBE (ablative singular of URBS, 3rd.declension. This ablative of Place Where depends on the preposition IN) = the city

-SUI (genitive masculine singular of the possessive adjective SUUS that agrees with the masculine genitive noun AENEAE) =her.  
Note that AENEAE ...SUI literally means :” of her Aeneas” where SUI corresponds to the English possessive “her” and AENEAE corresponds to “of Aeneas”.

As you can see, Latin word order is different from English as Latin is an inflected language where syntactical relationships are indicated by the endings of each term, not by the order of the words.

Hope all is clear enough.Feel free however to ask me again.
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