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Salve. How would I say "two plus two equals four" in Latin? My translation is dvo multiplicatvm per dvo qvattvor facivnt. Is this correct? Ago tibi gratias in advance for any information you may have.


in Classical Latin the expression “Two plus two equals four”  translates as “Bis bina quattuor “ (without the verb) or “Bis bina sunt quattuor”  (with the verb “sunt”), both literally meaning “Two times a couple is four” because Classical Latin uses the distributive numbers and adverbs instead of the cardinal numbers.

In Late Latin, instead, “Two plus two equals four” translates as “Duo et duo sunt quattuor” (literally, “Two and two are four”) or “Duo et duo quattuor”  (without the verb “sunt”), as we read in St. Augustine, Confessions, 1.13.22.
So,unlike Classical Latin,  Late Latin which is nothing but a pejorative form of the Latin language  uses the cardinal numbers.

To conclude, “Bis bina quattuor” (literally,“Two times a couple is four”) is the best translation of “Two plus two equals four”.

As for “dvo multiplicatvm per dvo qvattvor facivnt”, I’m sorry, but it is wrong.

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Note that:

-BIS (distributive adverb) = two times
-BINA (distributive number, nominative neuter plural) = a couple/pair
-QUATTUOR (cardinal number)= four. The verb is omitted.

-DUO (cardinal number) = two
-ET (conjunction) =and
-DUO (cardinal number) = two
-SUNT (3rd person plural, present indicative of SUM) = are. This verb can be omitted.
-QUATTUOR (cardinal number) = four

Finally note that Classical Latin is the best form of Latin language recognized as standard by writers of the  Roman Republic and the early  Roman Empire from broadly  the 3rd century BC  to the 2nd century AD, while Late Latin is the pejorative form of the Latin language used in Late Antiquity, from broadly the 3rd to 6th centuries AD.

"Confessions" is the name of an autobiographical work, consisting of 13 books, by St. Augustine of Hippo, written in Latin between AD 397 and AD 398.  


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