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Thanks for clarifying. You have been a ton of help.  I had a feeling those translations were a bit off.

I wanted to just ask you about your responses:

You concluded:

1.”Per ardua fortitudo” (“Strength through difficulties).
Is this the TRUE MEANING?==>"it is just THROUGH difficulties   that we can become strong"

2. “Arduis ex rebus fortitudo” (“Strength from difficulties).

  TRUE MEANING?==>  "We DRAW our strength FROM difficulties."


3. “Arduis in rebus fortis ” (Strong through difficulties).

Is the TRUE MEANING just what it states?? ==>"Strong through  difficulties"?

Also, For, “Arduis ex rebus fortitudo”, Is there a shorter Latin phrase that means the same thing?

I appreciate all of your help.




here are my answers:

1.The TRUE MEANING of ”Per ardua fortitudo”  is exactly:”Strength through difficulties”, that is to say: it is just THROUGH (Latin, PER) difficulties  that we can become strong.

2.The TRUE MEANING of ” Arduis ex rebus fortitudo”  is exactly:”Strength from difficulties”, that is to say:"We DRAW our strength FROM (Latin, EX)  difficulties.

3.The LITERAL MEANING of ”Arduis in rebus fortis ” is :”Strong IN (Latin, IN) difficult  things“, that is to say exactly: “Strong THROUGH difficulties” since he who is strong IN difficulties has become  strong just TROUGH difficulties.
So, the TRUE MEANING of ”Arduis in rebus fortis" is just "Strong THROUGH difficulties".

Lastly,for “Arduis ex rebus fortitudo”, a shorter Latin phrase that means the same thing could be “Ex difficultatibus fortitudo”  where EX means “from”; DIFFICULTATIBUS (ablative plural of the noun DIFFICULTAS) means “difficulties” and FORTITUDO (subject noun) means “strength”.

Best regards,

P.S. As you can see, Latin word order can be different from English as Latin is an inflected language where syntactical relationships are indicated by the endings of each term, not by the order of the words.


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