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I am seeking the translations for my own knowledge and latin studies.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much,



since you are seeking the translation of 1."Be strong and persevere", 2."Be forever strong" and 3."Persevere with strength" for  your own knowledge and Latin studies, here are my answers:

1.”Fortis esto ac persevera” (Be strong and persevere)

2."Fortis esto semper" (Be forever strong)

3."Fortiter persevera" (Persevere with strength)

Read more below.

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Note that:

-Be = ESTO (2nd.person singular, imperative of SUM, I am)

-strong =FORTIS (adjective in the nominative singular.Such a nominative singular can be in either masculine or feminine gender and then refers to a male person as well as to a female person )

-and =AC

-persevere =PERSEVERA (2nd.person singular, imperative of PERSEVERO, I persevere)

-Be =ESTO (see above)

-forever =SEMPER

-strong =FORTIS (see above)

-Persevere  =PERSEVERA (see above)

-with strength =FORTITER (adverb of manner)
I’d like to tell you that I’ve asked you to explain the purpose of your question because people  often ask me the translation of a sentence that they want to use for a tattoo, though I’ve written in my “Instructions to  questioner” :NO TATTOOS QUESTIONS PLEASE.I do know that you can cheat me by  asking me a phrase, without telling me it is  for a tattoo, but I choose to  trust your HONESTY!”.
In short, I believe that you have been honest and  not have cheated  me, since I really do not like the dangerous and unaesthetic practice of tattoing.  


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