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"Per adversa fortitudo" means ==> strong through adversities.

Are there other ways of saying this in the latin language.  I was reading through past responses
and found just this one: "Adversis in rebus fortitudo".  

Is this the only other way to express that?


Dave M.


first of all “Per adversa fortitudo" means “Strength through adversities”, NOT “Strong through adversities” as FORTITUDO is a noun meaning “ strength”, not an adjective which would be FORTIS in Latin, since it is the Latin adjective FORTIS (nominative singular) that means "strong".

As for "Adversis in rebus fortitudo" literally meaning: “Strength in adversities” and then also “Strength through adversities", it is not the only other way to express that, since in Latin you could also say :“Ex adversis rebus fortitudo” (literally, “Strength from adversities” and then also “Strength through adversities”).
Note that in Latin the preposition EX (+ the ablative case) literally means "from"; the preposition IN (+ the ablative case)literally means "in" and the preposition PER (+ the accusative case) literally means "through".

To sum up, the English sentence “Strength through adversities” can correspond to the following three translations since they all express the concept that one can achieve  strength in enduring adversities and facing with any unlucky situation or event, as I’ve already written in my past answers about this matter:
1-“Per adversa fortitudo"
2-“Adversis in rebus fortitudo”
3-“Ex adversis rebus fortitudo”

Lastly, I have to point out that Latin word order can be variable as Latin is an inflected language where grammatical/syntactical relationships are indicated by the  endings of each term, not by the order of the words.

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