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Can you please tell me the correct way to write the number 2,500 as words in Latin? I have seen several different literal ways of referring to this number in translation, including two thousand five hundred, twenty-five hundred, two and a half times a thousand (sester?). The usage I am interested in is in relation to an amount of something, as in two thousand five hundred bottles. Thank you very much.


the correct way to write the number 2,500 as words in Latin just in relation to an amount of something, is the following:”duo milia  quingenti“ as in e.g. “duo milia quingenti milites” (2500 soldiers) where both “duo milia” (two thousand) and “quingenti” (five hundred) must be declined, i.e. can have different forms to show if they are the subject or direct/indirect object.

Latin is in fact an inflected language with six cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, ablative) that are used for the nouns, pronouns and adjectives, including the numerals that are considered as  adjectives.

In short, the cardinal numeral 2500, i.e. “duo milia quingenti” must agree with the noun it refers to and then can be masculine/feminine/direct object or indirect object.

For example: “duo milia quingenti milites”  is in the nominative as a subject of the sentence like in “duo milia quingenti milites pugnaverunt” meaning “2500 soldiers fought“.
But in “Exercitus duorum milium quingentorum militum”, meaning “An army of 2500 soldiers”, the expression  “duorum milium quingentorum militum” is in the genitive case as it corresponds to "of 2500 soldiers".

Also, "2500 bottles" translates as "duo milia quingentae ampullae" where the agreement is in the feminine because the noun "ampullae" is a nominative feminine plural.

Lastly I have to tell you that in Latin 2500 can also be translated as “duo milia  militum et quingenti “, literally meaning “two thousand of soldiers and five hundred”.
Similarly,"2500 bottles" can also be translated as “duo milia  ampullarum et quingentae “ literally meaning "two thousand of bottles and five hundred”.

To conclude, the number 2,500 as words just in relation to an amount of something, changes its endings, according to its role in a sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, masculine, feminine).

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