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1)“Fortitudine vincam”:   since it's over a long time, could one say it is also by endurance, I conquer?

2)“Vires acquiro eundo”:  Could anyone reference this as it belonging to themself. Meaning that YES it is a quote from Virgil, however,it can be in reference to either a male or female, or anyone who chooses to believe in this saying.
So basically, it's very similar to the quote "Fortitudine vincam", because you can be pushing through hardships?

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1)No, “Fortitudine vincam” does not mean “By endurance, I conquer”, but “By strength/fortitude I will conquer”.
If you want to have “By endurance, I will conquer”, you must say “Patienti vincam fortitudine” where the adjective “patienti” (ablative case) agreed with “fortitudine" (ablative case) expresses the quality and power of enduring.
Note that “vincam”  (future) means “I will conquer”, whereas the present “I conquer” is “vinco”.

2)“Vires acquiro eundo” means exactly  "I gain strength by going/ as I go” just referred to  myself either as a male or female person  because the verb “acquiro” (1st person singular, present indicative)  means “I gain” in reference to either a male or female  person.

Please note that the Latin verbs have different endings according to the different pronouns “I”, “you” (2nd person singular), he/she/it”, “we”, “you” (2nd person plural), “they”, so that:
ACQUIRO means “I gain”
ACQUIRIS means “you gain” (2nd person singular)
ACQUIRIT means “he/she/it gains”
ACQUIRIMUS means “we gain”
ACQUIRITIS means “you gain” (2nd person plural)
ACQUIRUNT means “they gain”.
Note that “Vires acquiro eundo” is not similar at all to the quote "Fortitudine vincam" (“By strength/fortitude I will conquer”).

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