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Hello Maria.  I was wondering how to say, "the Gospel according to John" in Latin.  Google was not helpful.  And I'm not sure about "sancti evangelii secundum Iohannem" because the Accusative case doesn't seem to be right in this phrase.  I would be very grateful for any help you could give.


“Evangelium secundum Ioannem” is the correct translation for “the Gospel according to John", but you can also say  “Sanctum Evangelium secundum Ioannem” meaning “The Holy Gospel according to John”.

As for the accusative IOANNEM (without the H in Latin), it is correct as it depends on the preposition SECUNDUM which takes the accusative case.

Finally, with regard to “sancti evangelii secundum Iohannem", note that “sancti evangelii” can be either a nominative plural meaning “the holy Gospels” or a genitive singular meaning “of the holy Gospel”.

In short, “sancti evangelii secundum Iohannem " does not correspond to “The Gospel according to John”, but it would mean "The holy Gospels according to John" or "Of the holy Gospel according to John". Therefore “sancti evangelii secundum Iohannem " is wrong.

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Note that:

-EVANGELIUM or EUANGELIUM (nominative neuter singular, 2nd declension)= the Gospel. Such a noun can be modified by the adjective SANCTUM (nominative neuter singular) meaning “holy”

-SECUNDUM (preposition which takes the accusative case) = according to

-IOANNEM (accusative of IOANNIS, 3rd. declension) = John


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