I have named my daughter Clara already, but I am having trouble seeing why is it translated as Clear and Bright. I mean clear is very different from bright? I would like it to mean bright, so can you please explain how it means bright?

Can you tell me by bright does it mean Shining as opposed to Clever?

I would much appreciate your help, as I wanted to give her a name that means Light, and I cannot find anywhere on the internet this explanation

If you dont mind, how does it mean famous too?

Also does, Clear mean as in PURE?

Many thanks in advance, the more information you give me, the more I would appreciate it



The name  “Clara”  is the feminine form of  the Latin masculine adjective “clarus” meaning “illustrious, honourable, famous, glorious” as well as “brilliant, clear, bright, shining" (when it is  relating to the sight and the light) or “clear, loud, distinct”(when it is relating to the hearing).

As you can see, the feminine name  “Clara”, as a form derived from Latin, can mean either  “bright”/“shining”/”brilliant”  with reference to the “light” or  “illustrious”/ “famous”/”glorious”  with reference to  cleverness and  honour.

Lastly, “Clara” can also mean “pure”, but only in the sense of “easy to see through, with no marks or areas that are less transparent”.

To sum up, the feminine name “Clara” is a very beautiful name as it refers to light as well as to honourableness.

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