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Latin/She flies with her own wings


IS Alis male and Alas female? I would just like if to be feminine. Alis Volat Propriis


first of all the Latin sentence “Alis volat propriis” means either “She flies with her own wings” or “He flies with his own wings”.

In this Latin sentence, in fact, the subject “she” or “he” is implied in the verb “volat” which means either “She flies” or “He flies”.

Similarly, the possessive feminine  “her” as well the possessive masculine “his” are implied in the ablative plural “propriis” which therefore means either “with her own” or “with his own”.

To sum up, the only one difference between “alis” and “alas” is that “alis” is the ablative plural of the noun “ala”, while “alas” is the accusative plural of the same Latin term “ala” (wing) which is a feminine noun  belonging to the 1st declension.

In Latin, which is an inflected Language, there are,in fact, three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter), five declensions and six cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, ablative) which correspond to the different role of a noun in a sentence, according to the fact that a noun is a direct object or an  indirect object.

Note that:

-ALIS  (ablative plural of the feminine noun ALA, 1st declension)= with wings.

-VOLAT (3rd person singular, present indicative of the verb VOLARE meaning “to fly”)= “she flies” as well as “he flies”.

-PROPRIIS (ablative plural of  the possessive adjective PROPRIUS agreeing with ALIS)= “her own” as well “his own”.

Also note that Latin word order can be different from English because a reader or listener who knows Latin grammar  and syntax can  easily discern the case of a word or the mood and tense of a verb.  Therefore it is not necessary to adhere to a strictly defined order.

Hope all is clear now.

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