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Latin/Quote translation.


If you could please translate this quote, i would really appreciate it. "I am the hero of this story."
Thank you in advance.


“I am the hero of this story” can be translated correctly as  follows:

1)“Huius fabulae egomet sum heros”, if you want to emphasize the 1st. person pronoun “I” and then use the equivalent Latin pronoun “ego”  strengthened by the addition of the emphatic suffix  “–met”

2)“Heros huius sum fabulae”, if you do not want to emphasize the 1st. person pronoun and then omit the  personal pronoun as in Latin it is implied in the ending of the verb, as you can read below.

3)“Heros huius fabulae sum” or "Huius fabulae heros sum"  with a different word order which in Latin can be variable.

To sum up, you can choose the one you like best among all the above mentioned Latin sentences as they all are correct.

Read more below.

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Grammatical Analysis:

-I am =SUM (1st person singular, present indicative) or EGOMET SUM. Note that Latin usually omits the personal pronoun as they are implied in the ending of the verb, so that SUM means “I am”;  ES means “you are”; EST means “He/she/it is”, etc.

-the hero = HEROS (nominative, 3rd declension)

-of this = huius (genitive singular of the demonstrative pronoun HIC. HAEC. HOC)

-Story =FABULAE (genitive singular of FABULA, 1st declension).
As you can see, Latin word order can be different from English for Latin is an inflected language where  syntactical relationships are indicated by the endings of each term, not by the order of the words.


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