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I would like to know how this would be written in Ecclesiastical Latin.

"Observations of the learned (person's name)"

Observations: as in "giving an opinion," "a persons(my)thoughts on a subject."... Learned: as in "the learned theologian and philosopher Comenius," "the learned masters of their time," "one who possesses wisdom or knowledge".. NOT "he learned the subject well."

I do not know if in this case "learned" should be capitalized. I suppose in a sense it is similar to a "title."

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first of all I thank you very much for explaining  the real sense of “Observations of the learned (person's name)", just as I’ve asked you.

So, in the light of  what you say, here’s the translation you are looking for:

-“Commentationes Eruditi (person's name)" as well as “Commentationes Docti (person's name)"

Also, you can use a different word order which in Latin can be variable  and  then write:

-“Eruditi ( person's name) Commentationes " as well as “Docti (person's name) Commentationes”.

Note that:

-Observations = COMMENTATIONES (nominative feminine plural of  the 3rd declension noun COMMENTATIO, meaning “observation” as a diligent meditation/dissertation upon something, as  in "giving an opinion”)

-of the learned = ERUDITI (genitive masculine singular of the adjective ERUDITUS) or DOCTI (genitive masculine singular of the adjective DOCTUS), both related to "one who possesses wisdom or knowledge"

-(person's name) = here you must write the name of the learned person  that you want to mention.  Such a name must refer to only one male person  since you have used the expression “person's name” in the singular and therefore I’ve used the genitive  masculine singular ERUDITI / DOCTI instead of the genitive masculine plural which is different, of course, since Latin is an inflected Language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of each term, not by the word order.

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