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Hello Maria, I have a big family reunion for which each part of it is creating a coat of arms.
I hope you can help me translate the phrase I chose for my coat: "Family always in my heart"

Thank you very much!


“Family always in my heart” can be translated as “In corde meo mea semper  familia ” or “Familia mea in meo semper corde ” with a different word order which in Latin can be variable (See below).
Both sentences  literally mean : “My family always in my heart”.

Also, you can say: “Meo in corde familia semper ”  or “In meo corde  familia semper“ with a different word order (See below)..
Both sentences  literally mean :  “Family always in my heart”.

So, you may choose the translation you like best.

Best regards,

Note that:

-Family = FAMILIA (nominative, 1st declension) or FAMILIA MEA (nominative FAMILIA + MEA which is the nominative feminine of the possessive adjective MEUS (my) agreeing with the feminine noun FAMILIA)

-always = SEMPER

-in my heart = MEO IN CORDE or IN CORDE MEO (ablative of COR, neuter noun, 3rd declension, + the ablative of the possessive MEUS agreeing with the ablative CORDE).

Also, note that  Latin word order can be different from English because Latin is an inflected language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of the words, not by their order.


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