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Question an African (Zaire) parish certificate commencing with birth, baptism, communion, confirmation, there appear 2 entries: 1) ante bapt. matr. nat. contraxit cum and 2) post bapt. matr. contraxit/firmavit cum. I think bapt. = baptismum and matr. = matrimonium and nat. = natus (nati) -> 1) before baptism marriage of the child contracted with (which makes NO SENSE at all to me) and 2) after baptism marriage contracted/established with(which makes sense, but deepens my confusion about 1)....I suppose matr. could = matris, but that makes no sense in either 1 or 2   thank you


I think that  the abbreviation “matr.” stands for the Late Latin noun “matrina” meaning  “godmother “ and therefore  the abbreviated phrase “ante bapt. matr. nat. contraxit cum ..” stands for “ante baptismum matrina nati ….” meaning “Before baptism the godmother of the child …”.
Similarly, the sentence  “post bapt. matr. contraxit/firmavit cum” stands for “Post baptismum matrina …” meaning “After baptism the godmother …”.

As for “contraxit/firmavit  cum” , I think that it could be “cum ipso infante spiritualem contraxit/ firmavit  affinitatem/cognationem”, so that the full sentence should be as follows:

“Ante /Post baptismum matrina nati cum ipso infante spiritualem contraxit affinitatem/ cognationem” meaning :
”Before (or “Post”) baptism the godmother of the child established a spiritual relationship/ affinity with the same child”, just to denote the spiritual relationship that is created between the godmother and the child on the occasion of his baptism.

Hope this can be helpful to you.

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