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Hello, I am writing a story and want to use a Latin phrase for "defenders of humanity" or something along those lines. I have looked around and have so far have gotten "defensorem hominum" which, from what I have read, translates to "defender of men". Is this actually all encompassing of humanity or actually, literally men? Is there any more suitable phrase for this? I appreciate your time.


“Defenders of humanity” can be translated as ”Hominum defensores” (literally, “Defenders of men”) or ”Humani generis defensores”(literally, “Defenders of the human race “).

So, though  it is “Humani generis defensores” the sentence that means exactly “Defenders of the human race”, i.e. “Defenders of humanity",  Latin also uses  ”Hominum defensores” (“Defenders of men”) to indicate the defenders of all human beings, i.e. of humanity, seen as a whole.

As for "defensorem hominum", it is wrong because “defensorem” is an accusative singular used as a direct object, whereas “defenders” must be in Latin in the nominative plural, i.e. “Defensores” used as a subject.

Latin is in fact an inflected language with five declensions  and six cases, i.e. special endings which  correspond to the work a noun does in a sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object).

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Note that:

-Defenders = DEFENSORES (nominative plural of the noun DEFENSOR, 3rd declension)

-of humanity = HOMINUM (genitive plural of the noun HOMO, 3rd declension) or HUMANI GENERIS where HUMANI meaning “human” is the genitive singular of the adjective HUMANUS agreeing with GENERIS which is the genitive singular of the 3rd declension neuter noun GENUS,  meaning “race”.

As you can see, Latin word order can be different from English as Latin prefers to place the genitive HOMINUM or HUMANI GENERIS before the nominative DEFENSORES.


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