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Latin/Everyone creates their own fortune


Could you please translate this for me: "Everyone creates also their misfortunate" or "Every man is also the architect of his misfortunate". Thank you!


both “Everyone creates also his misfortune" or "Every man is also the architect of his misfortune” can be translated correctly as follows:

“Faber est suae quisque et adversae fortunae”.

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Please note that such a translation is nothing but a slightly different version of the famous maxim “Faber est suae quisque fortunae” (Every man is the maker /architect of his own fortune) attributed to Appius Claudius Caecus (Appius Claudius "the Blind"), born  c. 340 BC – died  273 BC,  who was a Roman  censor in 312 BC, when he built the first aqueduct in Rome, called  “Aqua Appia”, as well as the Appian Way (Latin: Via Appia), an important and famous road which connected Rome to Capua and later to Brindisi, in southeast Italy.

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Note that:

-Everyone =QUISQUE (nominative case, indefinite pronoun)

-creates/ is the architect = FABER ( nominative case, 2nd declension) EST (3rd person singular, present indicative of “sum”).
In Latin both "creates" and " is the architect" corresponds to FABER EST.

-also =ET which stands for ETIAM

-of his = SUAE (genitive case of the possessive SUUS in the feminine singular agreeing with the feminine genitive FORTUNAE)

-misfortune = ADVERSAE FORTUNAE (literally, “bad luck”).
Note that ADVERSAE (genitive feminine of ADVERSUS)  means “bad”, while FORTUNAE (genitive of the feminine noun FORTUNA, 1st declension) means “fortune”.

Lastly, I have to point out that Latin word order is different from English because Latin is an inflected language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of each word, not by their order.


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