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What is the best way to say "work hard and be nice to people" in latin?

a) opus strenue et erit nice populum
b) laborare, nice populum
c) opus difficile et erit nice populum
d) operari tui durissimo et delicatus aliis

Is there a better way?  Thanks!


“Work hard and be nice to people” can be translated correctly as  “Vehementer labora aliisque affabilis  esto”.
[See below for grammatical analysis].

As for your four translations, I’m sorry, but they all are absolutely wrong since unfortunately both  Latin grammar and lexicon (i.e. all the words used in these 4 sentences) are definitely  incorrect.

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Note that:

-Work = LABORA (2nd person singular, imperative of the infinitive verb “laborare”)

-hard = VEHEMENTER (adverb)

-and = -QUE ( enclitic conjunction attached to the end of “aliis” in “aliisque”)

-be  =ESTO (2nd person singular, imperative of the infinitive verb “esse”)

-nice = AFFABILIS (adjective in the nominative case)

-to people =ALIIS (dative case of the pronoun “alius”).
Please note that “aliis” literally means “to others”, that is to say “to people”.

As you can see, Latin word order can be different from English as Latin is an inflected language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of each word, not by their order.  


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