I really need help with this following - the harder you work, the luckier you get.  I came up with tanto magis opus est, feliciores esse - but I would like to use the word fortuna.  
(this is not for a tattoo but a frame - an Italian style frame with latin text border - thank you, matthew


“The harder you work, the luckier you get” translates correctly as follows:

-“Quo durius laboras, eo maiore gaudes fortuna”
(literally, “The harder you work, the greater luck you enjoy”)


-“Quo durius laborabis, eo maiore gaudebis fortuna”
(literally, “The harder you will work, the greater luck you  will enjoy”).
Please note that Latin likes better to use the future tense (laborabis / gaudebis) instead of the present (laboras/ gaudes).

As you can see, I've used the Latin noun "fortuna"(luck),at your request.   

Obviously, both translations are correct and then you can choose the one you like more.

As for “Tanto magis opus est, feliciores esse”, I’m sorry, but it is absolutely wrong and makes no sense at all in Latin.

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Note that:

-The harder = QUO DURIUS where QUO is an adverb which modifies the comparative adverb DURIUS

-you work= LABORAS (2nd.person singular, present indicative of the verb LABORO) or LABORABIS (2nd.person singular,future)

-the luckier =EO MAIORE...FORTUNA (literally, "the greater luck ")where EO is an adverb which modifies the comparative adjective MAIORE, while FORTUNA is an ablative depending on the verb GAUDES/GAUDEBIS

-you get = GAUDES(2nd.person singular,present indicative of the verb GAUDEO ) or "GAUDEBIS (2nd.person singular,future)(literally, "you enjoy/you will enjoy").
Note that the verb GAUDEO takes the ablative case.

Lastly, I have to tell you that Latin word order can be different from English as Latin is an inflected Language where grammatical relationships are indicated by the ending of each word, not by their order.


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