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Dear Maria,

Could you help me answering these questions?

1. Which of the following sentences are correct?

- Schola Cantorum Gregorianum Giakartanus
- Schola Cantorum Gregoriana Giakartanus

2. How do we say "God is closer than you think" in Latin? Is "Deus propior est quam putas" a correct translation?

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,


The  Association for Gregorian Chant  can be named in Latin as follows:

-“Batava Schola Cantorum Gregoriana“, if you want to use the Latin adjective “Batavus” (feminine, “Batava”) to indicate  Jakarta, whose Latin name would have been “Batavia”, which derived from Batavia, (modern   Holland) , where the Batavians, a Germanic tribe, lived around the modern Dutch Rhine delta in the area that the Romans called just  Batavia, as we read for example in C. Julius Caesar, De bello Gallico (Gallic War), Book 4, chapter 10, written after  his campaigns in Gaul (modern France) and southern Britain in the 50s BC.


-“Schola Cantorum Gregoriana of Jakarta”, if you want to maintain the  Indonesian name Jakarta  in the English expression “of Jakarta”.

Please note that both  the adjectives “Batava” and “Gregoriana” must be in the feminine as they agree with the nominative case,feminine noun “schola”.

As for  "God is closer than you think", the translation  "Deus propior est quam putas" is  correct.

Best regards,


P.S. It was the Dutch East India Company that in 1619  named  Batavia the city of Jakarta which after World War II was renamed "Jakarta" (short form of Jayakarta) by the Indonesian nationalists after achieving independence from the Dutch  between 1945 and 1949, when the Dutch formally recognized Indonesian Independence.  


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