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How do you pronounce the word "memini" (meaning I remember?)?
I have seen it spelt with a macron over the last letter so does this mean the ending should sound like an "ee" or an "eye", or something else? ["meh-mi-nee" or meh-mi-neye"]

Thank you.


the Latin word "memini", meaning “I remember” and  often spelt  “mĕmĭnī“ in classical Latin  with a macron over the last letter and the breve over the other vowels, just to indicate the quantity of each vowel,is pronounced as follows:

-the first syllable “me-“ like  “me-” in “memory”. This syllable is stressed just as in “memory”.

-the second syllable “mi-“ like “mi-“ in “minute”. This syllable is unstressed.

-the last syllable “ni” like “ni” in “nick”. This syllable is unstressed.

In short,  you can hear how to pronounce  “memini”  at the following links where you can listen to the pronunciation of the constellation  “Gemini”. The pronunciation of “memini”("meh-mi-nee") is  in fact the same as “Gemini”, apart from the first consonant “g” instead of “m”.
See at :  (listen to 3rd and 4th pronunciation, i.e. BrE //ˈdʒemɪni//  and NAmE //ˈdʒemɪni// )

Lastly, I have to tell you that the macron is a mark used in Latin  to indicate a long vowel, whereas the breve indicates a short vowel.
As for the accent in Latin,  there are general  rules for accentuation, according to the quantity of a syllable, so that :1)Words of two syllables are accented on the first syllable, as e.g.  “Róma”;2)Words of more than two syllables are accented on the penultimate (second to last), if that is long, as e.g. “amīcus”; otherwise on the antepenultimate (third to  last) , if the penultimate is short, as e.g. “mémĭni “ or “dómĭnus”.

Also, I have to point out that “mémĭni“  is the 1st person singular,  perfect indicative active of this defective verb which has lost the Present System and uses only tenses of the Past having however the meaning of a Present, so that “memini” has the form of a past tense and the meaning of the present tense , i.e. “I remember”.

Hope all is clear enough. Feel free however to ask me again.

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