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Latin/Translation request of phrase!


I am a young student planning on writing a blog and want to put my 'signature' in Latin. can someone translate this for me? I would like it translated from English to Latin. please!

technology, law and young innovators - this is the future.

Thank you!


“Technology, law and young innovators - this is the future”, as a signature of your blog, can be translated as follows:

“Ars, Lex Iuvenesque Inventores: hinc Futurum”.
“Scientia, Lex Iuvenesque Inventores: hinc Futurum”.

They both are correct, of course, and then you can choose the one you like better.

Please note that:

-Technology = ARS (nominative case, 3rd declension noun meaning “skill in joining something, combining, working it”:hence the modern idea of technology. As you can see, the Latin term ARS is a weighty word which can mean either "technology" or "art" in the sense of any physical or mental activity, so far as it is practically exhibited).
Also, SCIENTIA (nominative case, 1st declension. The Latin term SCIENTIA means in fact either “science” or “skill/expertness in anything”:hence the modern concept of technology.
In short, both ARS and SCIENTIA are correct

-law = LEX (nominative case, 3rd declension noun)

-and = -QUE (enclitic conjunction as part of the preceding word “iuvenes”)

-young =IUVENES (nominative plural of the adjective “iuvenis” agreeing with INVENTORES)

-innovators (INVENTORES (nominative plural of the singular noun “inventor”, 3rd declension)

-this is = HINC (adverb corresponding to “hence”. Latin prefers to use this adverb instead of the  literal translation "hoc est futurum")

-the future = FUTURUM (nominative singular of the neuter noun FUTURUM, 2nd declension)

Hope all is clear enough.

Best regards,


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