Please translate ---"Show me the way " into latin,,,.Greatly appreciate your opinion.


The sentence “Show me the way” translates correctly as “Mihi viam monstra" or “Viam mihi monstra” with a different word order which in Latin can be variable because because Latin is an inflected language where grammatical/syntactical relationships are indicated by the ending of the words, not by their order. Therefore it is not necessary to adhere to a strictly defined order, since the knowledge of grammar makes everyone able to understand the role of a word in a sentence.
In short, Latin differs from English in having more freedom in the arrangement of words for the purpose of showing the relative importance of the ideas in a sentence.

Please note that:

-Show = MONSTRA (2nd.person singular, imperative of the verb “monstrare”)
-me = MIHI (dative case of the 1st person pronoun)
-the way = VIAM (direct object, accusative case of the noun VIA, 1st declension)

Also note that  both “Mihi viam monstra" and “Viam mihi monstra” are inspired by a line written by the Roman poet Ennius (c.239 BC– c.169 BC), as we read in  Cicero, De Officiis, book 1, section 51, i.e. :“erranti comiter monstrat viam” meaning “he kindly shows  a wanderer the way “.

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