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Ovadiah wrote at 2012-12-27 13:50:24
And why should anyone believe in Paul's vision??? No one else saw it. So you have to apply the same standard to your own belief system as you do to others. I believe when we get past this bickering and exclusivity, we can truly get down to brass tacks and rebuild this world. But as we can see from the political field, we don't get anything done while fighting amongst ourselves.  

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For a different viewpoint on Mormonism for your questions, try me. I am a staunch believer in the Book of Mormon and belong to another church (the Church of Christ)that is set up identically to the Biblical church. If there are things about traditional Mormonism that trouble you or you have questions about, just ask and you might find the answers from the Book of Mormon to be quite surprising. I have been studying the scriptures diligently for 16 years under the school of hard knocks... I may not have all of the answers but will sure go find them if I don`t. I`m strongest on Biblical and Book of Mormon doctrines, and am also somewhat familiar with Mormon history and archaeology.


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