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Latter-day Saints/for otehrs salvation>>relation between MORMONS &mayans


Dear mich thank you very much,

i found lot of informationsvery useful

do you support me to start a church her e in pune

here in this western province no more churches>>

we are dieying with out living water

india is spritually very very poor country for past 2500 years

after goudhama buddha past 2000 years india in begger stage still

>>> here lot of people are cheating in the name of religion

>> ill be good christian to how way to others>>i already studied in bible college>.

>>im earlier LDS chruch memeber too & always hounouring BOM, bible, D&C, POGP

>> one of my LDS church member told ancients nephites & lamanites are different, mayans are different

>>>how these people are related
>>> shall we talk mre about king mosiah
>> what is northern land? how could be translation possible from ancient hebrew

by urim n thummim?
>>why these normal christians& JW not like BOM& why they are making complecated salvation
>>> by priesthood authorities salvation is very easy

>> do you know i have BOM in my mother tongue tamil

>> if any one support ill tranlate BOM in some other indian languages>> i my self do

>> i need morale support>> do you give me>> just remembering BOM
>> all my strength is my saviour and reddemer jesus christ
>> im truelu repented christian wants to lead very pure christian life>> i need friend like you>> to chrish my spritual qualities>> i love pastor bill john, pastor  td jakes and pastor brain houstan(hill song)>> i love to preach like them>> i love to imitate always pastor TD jakes, in the night times i used to preach like jakes with my self
>> i need more more quality you tube videos one quality christian preachers.

>>im very hard worker in jesus christ working for others salvation and my salvation
>> my inspiration from bible is nehemia,job, danial and greatly apostle PAUL
>> i always mediate on apostle paul ways>. whn im in trouble

>> i love RBC ministries too
>>im softwre engineer i love africa mission too>> im very pleased too receive any missionary in Jesus name.

Hi Yusuf,
 I will reply to you message below in **, Mike

You sent: Dear mich thank you very much,

i found lot of informationsvery useful

do you support me to start a church her e in pune

**Mike replies: Only God can answer that. I would always encourage someone to start a church in an area that doesn't have one but I also believe they must do so under God's leading and be firmly founded in God's Gospel teachings. Otherwise a well intending person may end up starting up a false church and cause more damage than good.

You sent: here in this western province no more churches>>

we are dieying with out living water

**Mike Replies: That is common in most lands, even ones that have many churches. When a person finds themselves isolated from other like believers they can still drink of the living waters, only it can be more difficult in that they have to be self motivated to pray to God through Jesus, to study the Bible and Book of Mormon in depth, and mostly to APPLY those teachings to their lives. You can drink of the living waters anywhere.

God Bless,

Latter-day Saints

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