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Dear brother,

im muslim as well as christian. i wnat to know few things

>>why saudi governement supports for USA(poilitics). why they permission to operate from their land in gulf war

>>> i love quran as well as book of Mormon bible.
>> i want to marry a girl who ever never done dirty online chatting.. is it possible to find a girl in indian circumstances.

>>> no on in india accepting book of mormon quran bible at a time

>>> i really love all three books.

quran not agrees in cruficification of Jesus christ that's all. as well he is not a son of god

>>> but every one in the world really really devoting money

>> her ein india if you want to marry a girl she will first ask how much you earning?>>> that leads to dos capital research

>>> so i can be communist also

Hi Yusuf,
 I will try to answer some of your questions if possible. There seems to be a language barrier so it may be difficult to answer your questions very well.

 I agree the Quran does not agree with the Bible or Book of Mormon on many points. I do know that all three books had common origins, in other words all can trace back to Abraham. All probably have similar doctrines yet over time these doctrines change. I really cannot be specific as I have not studied the Quran. I have studied the Bible and Book of Mormon in depth and can say with confidence that they agree on almost all points of doctrine. Those two books uniformly teach there is one Son of God who is Jesus Christ. A person can love all three books, however I would have a hard time believing they would be able to use all three as a spiritual guide.

I hope this helps answer your questions, feel free to ask more if you like.

God Bless,

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